Wedding Film: "La belle canadienne"

Notre mariage surprise

Candace & Keshaun

Wedding Film:"Un couple imparfaitement parfait"

Wedding Film:"Un amour complémentaire"

Wedding Film:"Un peu, beaucoup, passionnément!"


What couples have to say about us

Mariage en foret, mariés dans la foret, mariés heureux

superbe vidéo!!!!!
vous avez réussi a nous faire pleurer comme prévu!!?

merci pour tout, vous êtes un super duo, mais surtout des gens extraordinaires!!
Rutt & Ian
Film de mariage, vidéo de mariage, couple de mariés
Nous adorons.
Nous adorons la bande-annonce et nous n'avons eu que des bons commentaires et fait des jaloux ?????.

Le film aussi nous l’adorons!
Rémi dit que vous êtes une gang de malades ?. Nous n'avons que des beaux mots !! Vous faites un beau team!!!

En espérant, vous revoir dans un autre mariage ou événement.
Angélique & Rémi
Mariage, Couple de mariés, vidéo de mariage, film de mariage
There personal touch
We have loved Stamina Video, from the first meeting with them to the wedding day everything was wonderful.

The result touch our hearts and the one of our family

Thank you a thousand time!
Sarah & Hugo
Mariage, Couple de mariés, vidéo de mariage, film de mariage, Mariage au Collège Militaire
An AWESOME experience!
Sometimes, couples might have to do compromise and think that video would be something that they can cut off there budget.

That would be a big mistake! With the videos we have been able to relive our day in all its glory, what we could not have done with only our photos.

We are so happy to have met Jonathan and Kim from Stamina Video, we are more than satisfied with the result!

Licinia & Pier-Luc
Couple de mariés, vidéo de mariage, film de mariage, Pavillon de la Jamaïque, Parc Jean-Drapeau
One word, AWESOME!
I can't recommend them more to other couple so they can relive there dream day!
Dominique & Salim
Mariage, Couple de mariés, vidéo de mariage, film de mariage
They listened to what our needs were
Stamina's team is awesome! They where able to capture all the highlight of our day. They listened to what our needs were and even more!

Thanks again for your wonderful work!
Stéphanie & Samuel
Couple de mariés, vidéo de mariage, film de mariage
Thanks Stamina
They listened to what our needs and our little demands were all along this big adventure, they gave us good advices and excellent follow up before and after our wedding.

They helped us all along our wedding day, as if the wedding was as much important to them as it was to us. To us, this worth all the money of the world. We were not only an invoice number or one wedding among others. They gave us the impression that we were unique.

Thanks Jonathan for your smile and to listening to our ideas and thank you Kim to be such a fairy along our day. I had the impression that I had a personal assistant along with me.

The video is just like us! You were able to make our personnality and love transpire trough our film.
Nancy & Frédéric
Mariée assise, mariage, vidéo de mariage, film de mariage
They day went by so fast!
They day went by so fast, but thanks to Stamina et there attention to details, we were able to relive each little beautiful moment when ever we want.
Vivianne & Travis
Mariage, Couple de mariés, vidéo de mariage, film de mariage, Piano
An unbelievable experience!
Even with the rain, they successfully created beautiful moment with what we had available.

A thousand time thank you!
Jennifer & Karl
09 / 09


Stamina is a young dynamic business made from Kim and Jonathan, a couple in life and in business.

We are at the service of couples just like you, who cherish souvenirs and wants to keep them for years to come. We have a cinematographic style that has the advantage of being emotionally oriented so we can capture it.

We are oriented to YOUR storytelling, to tell your story well, is the difference between a disorganized and boring film and one that can bring you to tears with emotion as powerful as the one you had on that very day.

During your big day, we are there, both of us, to film many angles of each special moment. We also record the audio with professional equipment. We believe that audio is super important and we use them each time we can.

We are discreet when we have to and we do team up nicely with photographers during your wedding. We have many original ideas to propose you, but we never force things.

We are always willing to go for a coffee and meet you to discuss your needs on your big day. Don't be shy!

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